Book Fair This Weekend!

I'm getting pumped for the Minneapolis book fair this weekend!  If you're in the area, make sure to check it out and stop by my table to say hi.  I will have a few books for sale at $10 (cash only)  each, some stickers and gold coin candy.  There will be plenty of other authors... Continue Reading →

Etherland Dust

The Etherland is the fantasy world of Trolls for Dust.  In that world, two properties make up most of the magical content and the creatures of that land, the primary creatures being pixies and trolls.  Thus, the two elements are referred to as pixie dust and troll dust.  Pixie dust is used most often for... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon, a TfD commercial.

Happy Friday, everyone.  I am excited to tell you that my siblings and I have been working on a Trolls for Dust, Season One commercial.  Everything about this self-publishing process has been a wonderful learning experience.  A little background on the actresses: For over twenty years my six siblings and I have been making movies,... Continue Reading →

The fun of TfD is that it's a book series about a TV show, so I can play with how it's advertised.  S2 is humming along.

Super excited doesn't cut it.  I was thrilled to walk into the North Mankato Taylor Library today and find my book on the New Book shelf.  So many possible new readers.  Love it.  🙂

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