Season 3

Finally, finally, I am getting around to writing book 3, or Season 3 this winter. How in the world did this story get so complicated? It makes my brain spin. The plan is to update this blog on my progress and, hopefully, add some "outtakes" and "behind the scenes" stories for you all to read.... Continue Reading →

Book Fair 9/21/19

Hello, happy readers! I will be giving away chocolate and selling books at the Bethany Lutheran College Fall Festival and book fair this Saturday, September 21st, from 10am to 3pm. Bethany is located in Mankato, MN. Hope to see you there! --Pixie

Trolls for Dust theme song

Good afternoon, troll watchers--er, readers! Introducing the Trolls for Dust theme song! Composer Tony Cordes has written a theme song for the the series Trolls for Dust. All those references to "the music rises, cue music, end credits" in the books? Now you have something to play along while you read! The song is called "The Other... Continue Reading →

Season Two

Hello, everyone, Well, it's been like three years or something since I've looked at this blog. I'm am happy to say, that through various up and downs the past few years, I've finally finished Season Two of Trolls for Dust, and I already can't wait to get started on Season Three. Happy Reading! --Pixie

TfD2 – Status

Hello Trollers! So, you've probably figured out by my lack of communication that the second book is not ready to publish yet.  It's been a busy year, and I am wrestling with the latter half of the book, making sure all the pieces fit.  Please check in here from time to time, as I will... Continue Reading →

Writing updates

Well, we all made it through the crazy busy (for me, anyway) Christmas holiday season, and now I am back to working hard on TfD, S2.  I still plan on publishing this spring, but don't have an exact date in mind.  Things are getting rather crazy in the Vale Studios world, the plot thickening, and... Continue Reading →

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