Vale Studios

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Artwork 2014 by Andrea Hopkins

Vale TV Studios was established in 1983 by Sandra Jane Vale, who at the age of twenty-three bought out the failing Xeonimus Entertainment Movie Studios shortly before it went bankrupt in the fall of 1982.  The new television studios started production a few months later on a short mystery series called The Toothpick Mysteries.  The new series involved death by dinnerware and made a tidy profit by advertising the latest cooking gadgets.  The most popular episode of The Toothpick Mysteries aired in 1985 and featured a stunning scene in which a bride to be is seemingly murdered by hand painted sets of china.

Over the years, Sandra Vale kept up a cordial relationship with Xavier Xeon, the only heir to the once-fabulous Xeonimus Entertainment.  After he sold the company to Vale, Xeon turned to his true passion, special effects, and started Xeon Setworks in 1985.  Vale TV Studios was his first official customer and the two companies have worked together on many projects since.

Vale Studios limped on through the late 1980s and 1990s with a focus on melodrama and mystery.  Barely able to keep her head above water, rumors abounded in 1996 that Sandra Vale was going to throw in the towel, but she surprised everyone by bouncing back with a carefully planned set of made for TV murder mysteries starring a fitness instructor named V. Anna Voss.  “Exercise by Crime Solving” became a trend and fitness gyms inspired by the “V & Voss Fitness Center” on the show sprung up all over Los Angeles.  Sandra Vale took careful note of how the fitness centers and the crime show fed each other in advertising, a phenomenon she is determined to perfect in Vale Studios’ riskiest venture and latest success:  Trolls for Dust

When asked what inspired her to come up with the idea of a teen paranormal show moonlighting as a cheap reality survival competition, Sandra said only that “the time had come.”  With the dumbfounding success of the show and Sandra’s carefully preserved elegance gracing all of the talk shows these days, the question on everyone’s mind is, what will Sandra do next?                                –Kay Shree, Starry-Eyed Press

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