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Interview of Sandra Vale by The Starry-Eyed Press. (Takes place before TfD, S1)

Tammi:  This is Tammi Trace of The Starry-Eyed Press coming to you live from Los Angeles.  Tonight I will interview Sandra Vale, owner of the fabulous Vale Studios located in L.A. County.  After the success of The Toothpick Mysteries in the 1980s, Ms. Vale has taken the company and made it what it is today, a staple for mystery and drama lovers the world over.  Rumor has it she has an extra special project in the works for the fall TV lineup.

Kay Shree:  Rumors are a-flying, that’s for sure.  Kay Shree here and I will be joining Tammi this evening as we un-Vale, ha ha, the woman behind the veil or V-A-L-E, so to speak.

Tammi:  Hilarious.  Yes, Kay will also be asking a few questions, that’s if she manages to untangle herself from those terrible puns.

Kay Shree:  Indeed, folks, our dear Tammi proves daily just what a serious business show business is.

Sandra Vale:  Now, now, ladies.  Save the barbs for my competitors.

Tammi:  And, here she is!  The woman of the hour!  What a fabulous outfit, my dear.  Who are you wearing and how much did it cost?

Sandra Vale:  I am wearing Squeaky Taylor’s latest triumph.  He is not only an up-and-coming fashion designer, but is also assisting my costume design team with sketches for our fall lineup.

Tammi:  And it is just that lineup that we want to discuss with you tonight––

Kay Shree:  Yes, Sandra, you wouldn’t believe the rumors out there: trolls, pixies, elves?  Is Vale Studios dipping its toe in fantasy?

Tammi:  If you would enlighten––

Sandra:  I’d say we’re swimming in it.

Kay:  Oh, do tell!  And rumors say that Michael Abner himself is being considered for a role!

Sandra:  Abner and his sexy eyebrow will have to audition just like everyone else.  We are planning…  So sorry, Tammi, you wanted to say something?

Tammi:  No, no continue.  What are your plans for the Auditions?

Kay:  Well, the rumors––

Tammi:  Ka-ay.

Sandra:  An Audition extravaganza.  A multi-day event in which anyone and everyone who wants to try for a part gets a chance.  And our Vale audience will be able to vote for their favorites online.

Tammi:  How wonderful.  Scripted drama meets…

Kay:  Fantasy? Mystery? The democratic process?

Tammi:  Er, I was going to say American Idol.

Sandra:  More like Survivor, Tammi.  Once the actors make it onto the show they have to compete to stay there.  The time has come for actors to prove their worth.

Kay:  Really? Oh, that’s so excite––

Tammi:  But you are avoiding the real question, Sandra.  What is the show itself to be about?

Sandra:  And all this time I thought you two wanted to know more about me.

Kay:  Yes, what would Vale TV be without––

Tammi:  Now, Sandra, don’t be coy.  We all know why we’re here.  Trolls for Dust?  Is this sort of low fantasy the right direction for Vale Studios?

Sandra:  Low fantasy?

Kay:  What Tammi means––

Sandra:  I see by the wrinkle of your nose that you dismiss trolls, Tammi.  But you do not know them as I do.  They are in turns cunning and wise, brave and true, in love and out of love.

Tammi:  Yes, yes, but their appearance, dear.

Sandra:  That has yet to be determined.

Kay:  Will they be heroes or villains?

Sandra:  One troll in particular is a prince who falls in love with a human girl.

Tammi:  A prince?

Kay:  Abner!  Michael Abner will play the prince, right?

Sandra:  But he has competition. Elves, wolves, dwarves…and of course the girl’s true nature.

Tammi:  You said she was human.

Sandra:  She thinks she’s human.

Kay:  And how will the actors compete to stay on the show?

Sandra:  A battle to death?  Hmm, nothing so bloody.

Tammi:  But entertaining.  It will be entertaining?

Sandra:  Full of stardust.

Kay:  Are you saying we’ll all be Starry-Eyed?

Tammi:  Kay, really––

Sandra:  And with that I must be going.  Lots to do, lots to do.

Tammi and Kay:  Good-bye, Sandra!

Tammi:  Well, there you have it, folks, the great Sandra Vale.

Kay:  We didn’t learn a single new thing about her.

Tammi:  We learned about her latest project.

Kay:  The V-A-L-E shall remain in place.  This time.

Tammi:  And just who are you shaking your finger at?

2014 copyright by Rachel Moldstad (aka Pixie Beldona)



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