Trolls for Dust, Season One

Hello, Readers!  Welcome to an awesome story!  Trolls for Dust, Season One is no longer available to read for free online, as it is currently being finished and revised.  The ebook will be published this coming winter.  For more information on the story, please email, or check back here for monthly updates.  Thank you.  

–Pixie Beldona


When auditions begin for the upcoming entertainment phenomenon Trolls for Dust, actors Eva Peters, a leggy up- and-comer,  and Hezekiah Lyon, a pint-sized science-fiction star, have no idea what they’re in for including diva costars, onset mysteries, and a manipulative studio owner whose elaborate master plan takes them beyond the confines of the studio into a world of trolls, pixies, elves and, most importantly,  faerie dust.  


More about the book series:

The television show Trolls for Dust chronicles the story of a supernaturally gifted teen named Sassafrass Birch who falls in love with a troll prince.  The real story, however, happens behind the scenes where the sprawling cast becomes enmeshed in a web of intrigue spun by the studio owner, Sandra Vale.  Throughout the series, actors Eva Peters, Hezekiah Lyon, Harmony Honeydew and their costars learn that everyone is a “troll for dust,” especially when “dust” comes in the form of power, money or magic.

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