Season Two

Hello, everyone, Well, it's been like three years or something since I've looked at this blog. I'm am happy to say, that through various up and downs the past few years, I've finally finished Season Two of Trolls for Dust, and I already can't wait to get started on Season Three. Happy Reading! --Pixie

The fun of TfD is that it's a book series about a TV show, so I can play with how it's advertised.  S2 is humming along.

You may ask yourself…

...just how is the first draft of TfD, Season Two coming along? Answer: Scene by scene, line by line, and day by day. At Vale TV Studios: Eva Peters is having an identity crisis and Hezzy Lyon is being brainwashed. Calvin Bender wakes up with nightmares while Michael Abner puts the moves on Harmony Honeydew.... Continue Reading →

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