You may ask yourself…

…just how is the first draft of TfD, Season Two coming along?

Answer: Scene by scene, line by line, and day by day.

At Vale TV Studios:

Eva Peters is having an identity crisis and Hezzy Lyon is being brainwashed.

Calvin Bender wakes up with nightmares while Michael Abner puts the moves on Harmony Honeydew.

P.I. Ken Friendle is on the hunt for Tippa Andrews who is soon to meet his mysterious benefactor.

And Sandra Vale’s  trying not to be her own personal rain cloud while managing police, press, nosy shareholders and irritable mad scientists.

Don’t even get me started on what The Writers, McGee, Beth, and Daniels have been up to! They are driving head show director Jin Yang nuts!  Silly string…it’s a long story.

And “back at the ranch,” I mean Whisper Parish:

Sassy Birch is squatting in Bunny Sweet’s apartment and doing that whole flirting-yet-not-flirting thing with her troll prince.  Said prince is trying to keep a certain mirror in hiding and a certain vampire-elf at bay while discovering that trolls and pixies don’t have a monopoly on magic dust.

Jemina Blue is dealing with fangs, drool, and mommy issues, and Claude is literally keeping wolves at bay.

Bramley Wyst is remembering that strings (especially invisible ones) are always attached and that some bad guys just. don’t. die. already.

Oh.  And the troll kingdom is missing all of its citizens.

Season Two, Crossings, is going to be a roller coaster ride, so catch up on Season One while you can at

As always, Happy Reading!

–Pixie Beldona

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