Save the Date: Twin Cities Book Festival

If you are a fan of Trolls for Dust, or if you want to learn more about me or the series or even buy a paperback copy of the first book, come to the Twin Cities Book Festival on October 11th, 2014.  I, the author, will be there and will have books, t-shirts and others... Continue Reading →

Trolls for Dust t-shirts

Trolls for Dust t-shirts and other gear are now available through cafe press and Jon Baas designs.  Get your t-shirt today.

You may ask yourself…

...just how is the first draft of TfD, Season Two coming along? Answer: Scene by scene, line by line, and day by day. At Vale TV Studios: Eva Peters is having an identity crisis and Hezzy Lyon is being brainwashed. Calvin Bender wakes up with nightmares while Michael Abner puts the moves on Harmony Honeydew.... Continue Reading →

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